Kawasaki Robotics debuts factory robots MC004V and REAPR

Since the inception of robotics, it’s been the symbiotic relationship between hardware, software and human ingenuity that’s driven development, redefining what is possible with robotic automation. Continuous hardware development and optimization combined with the emergence of intelligent software solutions is broadening the scope of mainstream application solutions.

At booth 4611 at ATX West 2023, Kawasaki Robotics will showcase two high-quality robot solutions that each solve very distinct problems thanks to the power of human ingenuity. Palletizing Robot Arm

Kawasaki Robotics debuts factory robots MC004V and REAPR

The Kawasaki Robotics MC004V robot [Photo courtesy of Kawasaki]

A Clean Robot with Human-like Vision: Kawasaki Robotics MC004V robot will be guided by Apera AI’s Vue robotic vision software in a random bin picking application of clear test tubes. This demonstration has potential applications in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, consumer packaged goods and injection molding/plastics. Process and automation engineers could combine these technologies into fully integrated, complex manufacturing systems.

Kawasaki’s MC004V clean robot helps prevent human errors, contamination risks, and exposure to High Potency Pharmaceutical Ingredients, such as anticancer drugs. The robot arm meets the healthcare industry’s strict guidelines for accuracy, consistency and cleanliness and has a special surface treatment and uses a unique sealing material to cope with sterilization by VHP. The encoder battery installed separately from the robot arm allows battery exchanges outside the isolator, making it easier to maintain. With the addition of Apera AI’s Vue vision camera system, bin-picking operations will be faster and smarter. Vue can handle shiny, reflective, clear, and translucent objects without issue while being able to operate under ambient light, and changes won’t affect performance.

The Kawasaki Robotics REAPR (Rapidly Employed Automated Palletizing Robot) [Photo courtesy of Kawasaki]

The REAPR, a Human like-able palletizing system: Kawasaki partner BTB Solutions will showcase the REAPR (Rapidly Employed Automated Palletizing Robot) cell. The REAPR was developed to alleviate growing labor retention issues and reduce safety concerns. Safety is always the foremost concern for employers, and the process of stacking items on a pallet can and does lead to injury. While the safety of employees is paramount, the financial risk of one injury can be more expensive than a complete palletizing system. With safety in mind, REAPR helps eliminate the possibility of injury while enabling employees to be re-deployed to value-added positions. The REAPR system offers an easy Plug-And-Play launch. In most cases, setup is less than 30 minutes, with no anchoring or programming required. Changeable end-effectors such as suction cup gripper, box clamp, bag gripper, fork gripper, and slip sheet offer a turnkey, safe palletizing solution.

With over 50 years of experience in the automation industry, Kawasaki is a leading supplier of industrial robots and robotic automation systems with expertise in a wide range of applications and industries. We deliver the best value robot offerings by providing a rich set of standard features on all robot models for application flexibility, renowned Kawasaki quality and performance, and unmatched customer support and after-sales service. Learn more about Kawasaki Robotics here, watch robot application videos, and connect on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Kawasaki Robotics debuts factory robots MC004V and REAPR

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